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Configure Pipeline Badges

A pipeline status badge shows the status of the latest pipeline job of a specific type in a specific environment. Status is one of success, failing, stopped, pending or running.

The URL for generating a badge is:`app-name`/environments/`env-name`/buildstatus?pipeline=`pipeline-type`

where app-name is the name of the application, env-name is the name of the environment within the application, and pipeline-type(optional) is one of build-deploy(default), deploy or promote.

Requesting a badge for a non-existing application or environment, or for a pipeline type that hasn't been run yet, the badge returns with an unknown status.
build-deploy unknown


GitHub uses an image cache and proxy for images referenced in markdown files. Initial investigation shows that images are cached for up to one minute, which means that a pipeline status badge will not be "realtime" when viewed on GitHub.


An application named echo with three environments; qa, demo and production. The latest build-deploy job for qa environment has Failed, and the latest build-deploy for production has Succeeded. The promote job to the demo environment has status Succeeded.

Pipeline jobs

The pipeline status badge URL for the latest build-deploy job in qa environment,**echo**/environments/**qa**/buildstatus, returns
build-deploy failing

And for production environment,**echo**/environments/**production**/buildstatus, the following badge is returned
build-deploy success

The URL for the latest promote job in the demo environment,**echo**/environments/**demo**/buildstatus?pipeline=**promote**, returns
promote success