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Radix aims to be the platform to build and deploy code within Equinor. It can only be that if it helps Equinor developers — that's you — succeed.

Of course, Radix is developed and maintained by Equinor developers as well. That means we want to work together to build the best platform we can. If you have problems or suggestions, we want to hear from you! It helps.


We are based in Forus Øst in Stavanger. If you see us on the corridor, say hello!

radix team

On Slack

If you'd like to discuss the platform, features or improvements, head on to the main Omnia Radix channel. Stuck? App not building? Don't understand the docs? the place to ask is in the support channel.

Let us together build the Radix community!..

On GitHub

If you think you found a bug, or you have a concrete proposal, log an issue on GitHub. We have multiple repositories, but all issues are tracked in radix repo.

Release register

New features are publicly announced in the Omnia Radix Slack channel, and added to the release register page.

Check out what's new in the Release register

The Radix team

Atle WilsonAtle Wilson

Atle Wilson

Product Owner

Richard HagenRichard Hagen

Richard Hagen


Svein-Petter JohnsenSvein-Petter Johnsen

Svein-Petter Johnsen


Nils Gustav StråbøNils Gustav Stråbø

Nils Gustav Stråbø


Anneli Walla AuneAnneli Walla Aune

Anneli Walla Aune


Elsa Mäyrä IrgensElsa Mäyrä Irgens

Elsa Mäyrä Irgens

Team Leader

Sergey SmolnikoSergey Smolniko

Sergey Smolniko