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Component start/stop/restart

Stop, Start and Restart of a running component can be done in the Web console, when special circumstances requires it (i.e. after having updated a secret), even though the recommended approach is to change the configuration in radixconfig.yaml


A new deployment will apply the configuration from the radixconfig.yaml and may overrun the actions performed in the Radix web console



Starting the component will set the number of replica to the number set in the radixconfig.yaml for the active deployment.


Stopping the component will set the number of replica to 0 for the active deployment. Note that if you make a new deployment to the environment, by pushing a change to the branch mapped to the environment, and the replica configuration in the radixconfig.yaml is not 0 for the applicable component, it will start the component.


Restarting the component will make a rolling restart of the active deployment. That means that the application will be responsive during the enire restart, just as with rolling updates.